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Over the last few years technology has made it easier and faster to launch a new business, flooding cities and towns with competitors trying to claim their share of your market. Whether it be business practices, marketing or trying to educate a new client why your competitors lower prices don’t necessarily mean they are getting a better product, increased competition naturally means you have to stay on top of your game at all times.

Trying to figure out the ins and outs of digital marketing is similar to being an electrician who ends up having to run plumbing. Sure you probably could end up figuring out how to do it – but at what cost? You end up wasting valuable time and money which could be better spent on growing your business or reducing costs. So what are your options?

We Get It

The bottom line is technology has enabled digital marketing to be the fastest, most cost efficient return on both your time and money you can get. The downside to this is that typically businesses don’t have time or knowledge to run a digital campaign, update/build their website, keep up with current trends or the myriad of other aspects of digital marketing.

Here is what we propose – Stop losing time and money trying to implement and keep up with services that are constantly changing. Leave digital strategy, implementation and results to us, you focus on your business. Bring in new clients constantly and beat your competition without lowering your prices by working with us to establish a solid digital strategy that will focus on exactly what your business needs to do both online and offline to achieve these goals. 

There is no substitute for hard work. Always be humble and hungry.”


What We Offer

Edward V Design is a digital marketing and consulting company based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania that specializes in helping business and startup owners attract and retain the right clients by providing a variety of creative solutions. Work with us to manage all aspects of your digital marketing strategy: social media management, web design, and content services are just some of the features we offer that will allow you to focus on running your business and make more money.

We understand the challenges facing modern entrepreneurs and focus on returning your investment, not just on a pretty design. Our responsiveness, reliability, and attention to detail give us an edge over our competitors. Of course you could always  go the more traditional approach and hire teams to work in house but with the combined average salaries of a base team of a web developer, designer and single person marketer pushing $200,000 per year we would rather see you put those funds to better use.


Sounds nice, However…

Outsourcing is cheaper – “we can hire someone from oversees to complete what we are looking to do for a fraction of the cost.” To be honest, yes you can hire someone who is cheaper, but the outcome you will get is going to be completely different. Cost is just one piece of the puzzle in a successful collaboration. What most people forget is that cost  doesn’t equal value or reliability, something that we see time and time again from clients who turn to us after an unsuccessful attempt to outsource. Rarely will someone take the time to understand what your business is truly looking to do, address the root of the problem and build out a continuous plan that will continue to bring value after the completion of the project. 

Last person or agency was unreliable – Missed deadlines, projects way over budget, call or emails ignored for weeks – sound familiar? We tackle these common issues with processes and steps that eliminate them from our workflow.

  • weekly planning meetings to let you know how we’re doing with regards to remaining budget and what’s left to do.
  • email clients at the end of every day we worked on their project and let them know what’s been worked on and what we need them to review or send to us.
  • checklists, on boarding and off boarding processes we run through with each project to ensure we have addressed all concerns and potential issues.

Put in money with no return – The last thing we want you to do is spend thousands of dollars on a product that will give you little or nothing in return. That is why we only work with clients where we can focus on ROI, where we provide an investment to the overall business structure, not just another expense that wastes time and money. If we do not think this a project is right – we don’t take it, simple as that. It all comes back to our core values – focusing on providing a quality product that improves the quality of work for out clients.

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