Online Businesses Essentials: What is the Minimum You Need?

With so much information on the great website, marketing and SEO your business needs out there its easy get overwhelmed and throw in the towel. “I sell froyo out of a cooler on a hot summer day, what do I need a fancy website for?” you might say to yourself. Here’s the truth: you probably don’t. Unless your cooler toting endeavor explodes and you manage to stomp the 100 other froyo vendors into the ground, chances are you will never get your moneys worth if you build that perfect froyo site. It is easy though, to overlook the minimum online essentials you need as a startup, new or established business. It comes down to two things: First, a professional method of contact. Second, some form of online presence.

Moment of truth: if I need something done and I get a response from [email protected] I am going assume one of two things, either you don’t take your work seriously enough or you simply don’t care. Judge if you will: we are all entitled to our opinions and I am sure I don’t stand alone. The simple fact is this: it takes less then a few minutes to purchase and setup a professional email and costs around $60 dollars a year. It is both easy and affordable and lets be honest, makes you look like someone who actually runs a business instead of a hobby. This is one of the first tools all business owners should take advantage of.

Next, picture this scenario: you need your grass cut because your time worth more than you pacing back and forth across your lawn, fighting every foot with that push mower you bought at a yard sale 5 years ago. What do you do? Hint: the answer is not look it up in the yellow book (please top wasting your money on yellow book advertising). 9/10 times your going to pull up your mobile phone and search online with a search related to grass, cutting, and where you live. Who do you think is going to be getting that call? Joe’s Lawn care, who despite having excellent service has no online presence, or Jim’s Lawn care, who took a few hours out of his day to set up a professional email, a simple site and a social media account. You guessed it: Jim is going to be onsite and do a smashing job at that. Why? He made it easy to find him and his work. You don’t need to have a piece of art to get the job done, heck you don’t necessarily even need a website (this coming from a guy who’s livelihood depends on digital marketing). What you do need though is some form of online presence, be it a website or social media account. You are guaranteed to reach more customers and provides easy information to an ever increasing online society.

Look, I get it, you have been doing what you do for a long time, and if you are perfectly happy where you are feel free to disregard this. For those of you who are looking to move forward and take advantage of every possible angle on the road to success, feel free to reach out to us at Edward V Design. We would be happy to answer any questions or help you set up either of these tools. Remember Jim Rohn’s advice “success is doing ordinary things extraordinary well.”



P.S. This was not at attempt to discourage anyone from selling froyo out of a cooler, its simply to inform and help you make smarter business choices. And yes random person I am aware that you can be successful without either of these, my point simply being your chances of being successful with these tools are greater than without. Considering the low cost and effort and considerable ROI on both, why wouldn’t you?