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Digital Strategy

Digital marketing is all about the numbers. We research, analyze, report and execute using real data and research to deliver a measurable return on your investment.

Getting Started

At the start of each potential project, we have a quick conversation to see if we are a good fit for one another. There are some businesses and industries that are not suited for our services, so it’s important to see if we’re a match before going on to the next steps.

Discovery and Planning

When starting any marketing efforts, the key is to first analyze the market to find weaknesses and opportunities. It’s our job to understand your business, then come up with a specific strategy required to meet your goals. Most businesses require a unique blend of web design, content marketingsocial media, email marketing or all the above.

Delivering and Refining

The key to this step is measuring and managing. We provide monthly reporting based on key performance indicators, determine a return on investment and analyze and report on successes and lessons. We also will take the time to determine what is and isn’t working and will make a decision to allocate resources or reassess if necessary based on the data.

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