Project Petrov – A Learning/Coding Experiment



So you may be wondering, what is going on? Why the weird name? What exactly IS Project Petrov? Find out the why, what and future of Project Petrov. From the beginning I had taught myself how to code, how to design and everything in between. Ranging from the multiple online free courses, to paid courses, to meetups, hackathons and dev gatherings I absorbed and learned as much knowledge related to coding and design as I could. Over the next few years I grew increasingly busy with new and perspective client work that I had begun to work on many of the same types of projects, using the same knowledge and I did not have time to learn new things. In essence I was learning how to refine my process from start to finish but I was not learning any new concepts or ideas pertaining to coding or design.

Why Project Petrov/What is It?

That’s where Project Petrov kicks in. It is a 3 month coding/learning experiment I designed to not only acquaint myself with new technology, design trends and practices, but to also push and redefine what I am capable of doing. It also is a challenge to the coding boot camp craze that seems to be drawing in many new and aspiring developers and designers. My viewpoint is that it is the quality and nature of your work you produce, not which educational background you came from. This is why I am advocating for and trying to show that you can obtain this knowledge yourself with a lot of hard work but WITHOUT paying thousands of dollars for mostly introductory information that you can find online. Projects trump education 9/10 times.

Weeks to Come

Therefore in the weeks to come I have laid out a vigorous program that will cover many development and design aspects using either free or low cost online course options that focus on building up your online presence and portfolio in order to get a job in development. I personally will focus on PHP, Laravel, Vue, Ruby/Rails and a sprinkle of whatever else I find to be interesting at the time. All of the resources mentioned are 100% reasonably priced and are accessible to any individual. Don’t have internet? Go you your local library. Work 60 hours a week? Code after your day job. The biggest enemy you have when it comes to moving forward is yourself – acknowledge the fact that change cannot happen unless you make it, stop blaming others for your situation and get to work.

You can view the public trello board for Project Petrov here. If you have any questions please reach out to us on social media or feel free to contact us here. Until then, I hope you follow our progress and learn that you cannot fail if you put truly put in 100% of your effort.