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Social Media Marketing


Reach and engage with your loyal customers and build relationships with new ones. Our management services come in all shapes and sizes, and are completely custom built and scaled to your business.

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Platforms We Work With

It’s 2017: you know how valuable social media can be. Everyone from your best friend to your grandma is liking, posting and tweeting. But that doesn’t mean you have the in-house resources or time to do it all yourself.  Wouldn’t you prefer to have it done effectively? We have experience using and managing the following social media platforms on behalf of our clients:

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Social Media Setup

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Knowing the right social media channels to participate in is fundamental to your success. We believe that being in less, but better, social media channels is better than being everywhere ineffectively.

We’ll help you decide where to be, and we’ll even help you set up accounts if you don’t have them already. We’ll use our graphic designers to create a consistent look and feel across all your social media properties.


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Our social media management services let’s you integrate seamlessly with our social media postings. We first develop a strategy, identifying who to target and how to reach them on social media. We determine tone of voice for each platform as well as unique goals suited for the varying audiences on varying social media platforms.

Curate and Post

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Using our tailored social strategy as the roadmap, we curate and post consistent content suited for your target audiences. We build out a monthly editorial calendar and plan each post in advance. This allows for the best distribution of content over time, and it also allows you to see what will be posted and when.

In many cases, adding sprinkles of your own timely and unique content will help add to the variety of posts. We encourage our clients to add their own in-the-moment posts to give your brand a deeper feeling of in-house production and authenticity. We believe it’s easier to do that than to effectively plan and execute your  strategy independently. Everything you post is an added bonus to our thorough content strategies.

Promotional Campaigns

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When your business is having promotions or you want to focus on a particular product or service, we’ll add that to our editorial calendar in advance and roll it out consistently across all your platforms. We’ll engage our team of graphic designers and copyrighters to ensure you’re getting your promotional campaigns just right.

Do you need help with your campaigns? Contact us to see how we can help.

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