A journey of a thousand miles begins with a doughnut and a cup of strong coffee – Myself

I have been tossing this idea around in the back of my mind for a bit now, writing articles that is. Of course the eventual analysis paralysis kicked in, pushing it off yet to another days to do list. Recent events seem to have conspired against me however, so it was decided that the time to pull the trigger was now. I wrestled with the question of what to present, how to actually provide value to anyone reading it, and not have it be filled with regurgitated buzz feed articles or links to what diva wore which shoes last yesterday. So I approached this dilemma with the question in mind: as busy as I am, if I were to read one blog, what would it have to do?

The answer became quite clear: it either had to educate me on how to become a better web developer or it would have to provide insight on what I can do to run a better business. So it is now my duty to both inform and educate business owners, entrepreneurs, experienced and new developers alike both on things that I have found to be beneficial over the course of building this company and on things that they should strive towards. It is by no means an easy undertaking, I will be the first to say: I am not a writer, nor a blogger. However I do have ideas and advice to share and the challenge of the task is rewarding enough for me: should you find meaning and value in what I have to share with you, please let me know. I hope to see you with me on this journey, get some sleep.